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What armour did they wear?

Men who took part in the joust wore armour and carried a shield. This was to stop them getting hurt. The armour also showed their colours and symbols, a little like sports teams today.

Armour was made of steel and it had to be made to fit one person exactly. A suit of armour could cost more than 300. (An ordinary family could live on 10 a year.) You had to be rich to buy it. You also had to keep your body in shape so that you could wear the suit for years and still fit into it.

Extra pieces could be added, depending on the type of fight. Different face and hand guards were used for the fight on horseback and the fight on foot.

The horses also wore armour. There were pieces to protect the horse's neck and forehead. There was also steel on the saddle to protect the rider.

King Henry VIII set up a workshop to make armour at Greenwich Palace. Many of the workers there were from Germany and Holland. They made beautiful armour for the men at court. Here are two designs made at the Royal Armouries.

Design for armour for Sir Henry Lee Design for armour for the Earl of Cumberland

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What is jousting?

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What armour did they wear?

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The Tudors – joust

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