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Bedroom inventory

This is an inventory (list of belongings) of Thomas Offley. It was made in 1582.

It lists the things that were in his household in Hackney. This was not his main house, just his London house.

Thomas was rich. The list of his belongings is very long. This section shows what was in the great chamber. This room was used to sleep in and maybe also to see guests.

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In the property [house and other buildings and land used by the household] of Sir Thomas Offley in Hackney in the county of Middlesex…

In the Great Chamber

1 plain bedstead
1 mattress of wool
1 featherbed and bolster [type of pillow]
1 plain white blanket
1 red blanket
1 coverlet of green with flowers and letters [bedspread]
a canopy [over the bed] with fine curtains of blue and yellow dyed canvas
3 benches around the bed
1 trundle bedstead [a bed that slides away underneath another bed when not in use]
1 mat
1 mattress of wool
a featherbed and bolster
a coverlet of fine cloth
1 cupboard
1 cupboard cloth of fine striped cloth
1 foot part before the chimney [this might be part of the metal supports used for holding up logs in a fireplace]
1 great chest
1 curtain, 2 pieces of painted cloth and a red curtain


  • Make a drawing of Thomas's bedroom using the inventory. Label everything in your picture.
  • Make an inventory of your own bedroom. List the most important things in your room (not every little thing). List all the furniture. Also list your most treasured belongings.
  • How is your bedroom different from Thomas's bedroom?
  • Name 3 things in your bedroom that wouldn't have been seen in a Tudor bedroom.

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